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"Over the past six years, IE has become a third world bus depot, the gathering point for a crush of hawkers, con artists, and pickpockets." - Wired. Get Firefox!

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Members Sites

Rob - Linux, coding, hacking and bizarre fun.

Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith - Musical projects, photos and musings of a Herts dweller.

Ian Gregory

Ian Gregory - personal pages covering subjects from climate change to William Blake. Also hosting G8 Bike Ride website.

Tim Gibbon

Tim Gibbon.

Richard Mullens

Richard Mullens.

Steve Clark

Steve Clark.


Gary Hammond.

David Precious David Precious.

Nicolas Pike - Derbyshire, MZ Motorbikes, Goa, The Hitchin Virtual Tour, Ham Radio etc..

Dominic Hargreaves

Dominic Hargreaves.


James Bird - Provides support, maintenance and training for PC and MAC
users. He specialises in providing 'virtual IT departments' for organisation to
small to justify a full time IT manager but with a requirement for professional and rapid support of networking, computer and MS Office problems.
Based in St. Albans he covers Herts, Beds, Bucks and North London.

And Finally -
If any Herts LUG members would like their site added to this list please Email email with the URL and a short description. 



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